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Yoga Courses

Continue your education through FitnessEdNet's approved RYT courses.  
All courses offer CE credits towards ACSM and FitnessEdNet.  

8 Limbed Path
Adaptive Yoga for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Anatomy, Biomechanics & Injury (RYT elective)

Arm Balances
Asana Clinic I - Forward Bends
Asana Clinic II - Back Bends
Asana Clinic III - Twisting
Asana Clinic IV - Lateral Bends
Asana Clinic V - Balancing and Inversions

Balance Based Yoga
Children's Yoga

Internship Program
Introduction to Yoga
Integrated Yoga and Wellness

Kinesiology I (RYT requirement)

Kinesiology II (RYT requirement)



Mindful Eating

Nutrition Basics (RYT elective)

Prenatal Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Sequencing Your Yoga Workshop I
Sequencing Your Yoga Workshop II

Teaching Meditation
The Science of Mantra, Sanskrit & Meditation

Understanding Ayurveda

Yamas and Niamas
Yoga Assists

Yoga for Back Care
Yoga for Injury Prevention
Yoga for Fitness
Yoga for Children
Yoga for Seniors
Yoga For Trauma Survivors

Yoga on the Ball
Yoga Nidra

Yoga/Pilates Fusion
Yoga Teacher Certification  (12-Weeks)
Yoga Teacher Certification  (2-Weekends)


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